Comcare sends humanitarian Aid that is appropriate to the local context, well-managed, and has a measurable impact that can be documented to the satisfaction of our donors and partners. Comcare receives, processes, and ships medical and humanitarian Aid to poorest places in need of help.

The generous dedication and heartfelt support of our partners will make it possible for vast numbers of people in remote parts of the world to gain access to essential physical assistance. Comcare Aid Project is privileged to provide humanitarian assistance to the needy in society with the help of partners and dedicated supporters.

Through Comcare Aid Project, countless needy people will benefit everyday from a generous outreach program focusing on community development, medical assistance, disaster relief, training and spiritual support.

You be part of the effort: Now is the time for you to get involved. Now is the opportunity for you to show that care and love within you. Many of you have discovered the joy of circulating God's abundant resources to further nurture and assist the needy. With the generous support of special people like you, it is the vision of Comcare Project that all people have access to resources that enhance their lives.