Street Children Project (Uganda)

Bring hope to children in Uganda. This program is for the abandoned and orphaned children who roam the streets or live in orphanages. Funding is needed so that we can reach out and help to feed, clothe, shelter, and provide medical care for kids who have been abandoned; overlooked and neglected.

A vocational Training program for street children will also be started. With your assistance, children will be paid for their work and then, they will be able to take care of themselves, their brothers and sisters.

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Rural Scholarship Program (Rubabo County-Uganda)

Thousands of rural families are too poor to send their children to school. These families cannot afford the minimal fees for school or need the help of the children to provide labor at home or working in the fields. Other children end up leaving home for the cities where they are exploited, doing petty jobs, and living on the streets. Many children cannot afford a full day of school. They only attend school for half the day and are at home working the other half.

Your generous donation will help implement a scholarship program with which small subsidies will be provided to deserving students to continue with their education.

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Water Cleaning Project (Mbarara-Uganda)

It is rather ironical, that one of the most essential ingredients for life is actually bringing death and causing death to millions of children around the globe. Water, contaminated water is responsible for spreading diseases in communities.

In slum areas, trash festers in the heat and children bathe in pools, filthy water often containing raw sewage. These are cesspools for diseases, threatening everyone especially children who play in this water and drink from it. Families live in one room shacks with appalling sanitation and no running water.

Imagine mothers who have no access to clean water for their families. Imagine having to walk 60 minutes to a trickling, muddy water stream to wash yourself or clean your children, having no place to dump your waste except outside your front door. Many of these children die of dehydration from chronic diarrhea caused by dirty drinking water. They also suffer and die from many water-borne diseases.

Your kind contribution will help lay the foundation for this unprecedented opportunity to construct protected wells, rain-water harvesting devices, provide protected springs, and boreholes. Please consider reversing this trend and provide families with safe drinking water.

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