How Comcare intends to confront these needs

  • Builds medical clinics.
  • Upgrades medical clinics and Health centers.
  • Fights the spread of AIDS by supplying condoms.
  • Hosts training AIDS awareness theatre groups.
  • Sensitization seminars, workshops, and educational programs about abstinence, and fidelity in relationships and marriage.
  • Provide vital equipment.
  • Improve access to clean water.
  • Emphasize family planning and child spacing.

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Clinics and Health Centers

Despite the vast advances made in medicine over the years, many communities in rural and poor areas of the world still have no access to medical facilities and lack primary Health care. Poverty, malnourishment, ignorance and unemployment contribute to ill health, not to mention the devastation caused by the HIV/AIDS virus. Comcare is not only involved in building Health clinics but also improving and upgrading existing Health centers, building doctor's, and nurse's houses, to ensure that there is a medical staff nearby for communities as well as sourcing for basic medical supplies and equipment.

Medical supplies are scarce in most poor countries. Most doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics and health centers have obsolete or no equipment at all. Doctors don't even have latex gloves to use while performing surgery. Whatever they have, they use over and over again without sterilization, only rinsing them out between each use. The same goes for wash towels, hand towels and the list goes on. Please visit our supplies list page for a complete list.

Kagologolo Health Center (Uganda)

  • Provides medical care 24hrs a day.
  • Is visited by between 50-80 patients a day.
  • Helps especially young girls with labor complications.
  • Supplies medications at cost price.
  • Treats patients with worm infestations.
  • Provides family planning and AIDS education.
  • Hosts adult literacy education.
  • Could provide dental care as well.

The health unit is housed in a small building of 20x22ft. It was totally looted and damaged furing the past wars in Uganda. All role players ( the clinic staff, the local community, and the health committee have decided to rehabilitate and upgrade the clinic to a level 3 health center, consisting of 30 admission beds, a maternity ward (wing), and outpatient ward in an existing abandoned school building.

Project Needs

  • The clinic needs to be enlarged and renovated at a cost of $2,880.
  • Medical equipment and medicines are also needed. See needs list.

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Humula Health Care (Uganda)

  • Provides medical services to over 5000 people.
  • Treats patients with worm infestations.
  • Carries out immunization programs.
  • Family planning and AIDS programs.
  • Provides inpatient and out patient care.
  • Provides dental care.
  • Provides maternity care.
  • Offers referrals of major cases.

The Humura health center is located and surrounded by a dense population of low income peasant farmers with multiple health problems. With community involvement, the health center was constructed, employs qualified medical staff and provides basic medical services.

Project Needs

  • Complete male's ward.
  • Laboratory equipment, diagnostic equipment (microscopes, skeletal ex-ray units, abdominal ultra sound scan). See needs list.

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Kibale Community HIV/AIDS Sensitization Program. (Uganda)

Around the globe, AIDS ravage families, immerses communities in utter despair, devastates churches, shatters hopes and dreams. Unprecedented and unparallel, the global AIDS epidemic is overwhelming societies, leaving a legacy of widows and orphans. Today, HIV which causes AIDS infects more than 40 million people worldwide. In some communities in sub-Saharan Africa, one in every three people carries the virus.

The Kibale Community AIDS Sensitization Program was started after a small study revealed that HIV positive widows were being stigmatized by their in-laws and stripped off all property. This attitude accelerates deterioration of their health and affected the well-being of their children. The cause of stigma was found to be due to society being bent on attributing HIV/AIDS to sexual immorality. The study further revealed the need for the public to be cautioned, to stop labeling people as "sure to die" just because they were infected with HIV, which could easily lead to its spread. Need to focus on stopping further spread of the virus and encouraging safe sex. Need to start income generating projects to create funds for their own care and their orphans.

The program confronts the AIDS crisis by feeding the hungry, caring for the sick and orphans, counseling the dying, and grieving and curbing the spread of the disease.

Project Needs

  • Funding for prevention awareness campaigns, mobilization, workshops and seminars.
  • Funding for drama groups that have been effective in raising consciousness about AIDS.
  • Counseling services, training community leaders, orphanage support services, and radio education programs.
  • Start income generating projects.
  • Start a project to record family history facts about the parents so that orphans could get to know about their deceased parents.

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