Basic requirements must be met before a project is given consideration.

  • A request must be made

    This is the first step that announces the urgency of the need. We couldn't possibly know what aid to deliver, where, when, or to whom until that request is made.

  • Accessibility

    Can the mobilized supplies be safely delivered to the intended beneficiaries in a timely manner to avoid waste.

  • Availability

    Do we have the ability to meet requests made for projects. Do we appropriate resources at hand to do the job.

  • Acceptability

    We send humanitarian aid that is appropriate to the local context, well managed and has a measurable impact that can be documented.

  • Affordability

    Resources must be used wisely and committed carefully.

  • Appropriateness

    In our sponsorship efforts, we strive to preserve the values of our partners and live up to the good image of the USA.

  • Accountability

    Comcare makes sure that the resources reach the intended victims and beneficiaries and be put to proper use. We follow regulatory and audit standards, both in the USA and overseas.