Comcare Aid project needs the support of both corporate and private donations and sponsors. Comcare seeks and welcomes the support of both Corporate, Institutional as well as Individual donations and sponsors.

Corporate and Individual Sponsorship

Sponsor a School

$3000 will build a six room facility with a protected well for water supply, or water pump. Additional $5500 will furnish it with desk supplies, scholastic materials and help support teachers for two years.

$60,000 will build an eight room school facility with bathrooms and water supply. An additional $12,000 will furnish it with writing chalk, blackboards, books, desks, teaching aids and teacher support for two years.

$250,000 will build a large university block and pay for major furnishings. Please, visit our Current projects for more information.

Individual, Foundational and Religious Sponsorship

$5,000 will build an educational facility and a protected spring or water pump. An additional $1,500 will furnish the school and pay teachers for two years. See current projects needs.

Comcare represents a special partnership of volunteers, partners, agencies and donors committed to helping people in need. We endeavor to help people in desperate need, all people of all faiths while upholding Christian values. Our mission is our statement of this commitment.

We provide a wide range of health care, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, micro-enterprise development for sustainability, to thousands of victims in crisis. Please read more about What we do.

Our involvement

There is something fundamental about the work that Comcare does for those in need. For most who receive Aid from Comcare, it can mean the difference life and death. Wherever our volunteers and donors go, it is to carry out the mandate of demonstrating the love of Christ to those in need.


  • Be Involved

    We welcome your involvement with Comcare. Please consider partnering with Comcare Aid Project.

  • Be a voice in your community

    Be a spokesperson and present the needs of the poor by spreading the word about the desperate conditions around the world. Use the SPECIAL PROJECTS links to find out where you can help.

  • Provide Funds

    You can donate funds to help defray the costs of shipping. You can underwrite the costs of shipping a truckload, container etc, of supplies to people in need.

  • Donate Generously

    Give excessive inventory, out of season/fashion inventory. If you are upgrading equipment, and materials in your facility, consider donating the "obsolete" inventory that can be used overseas. Medical supplies are scarce in most poor countries. You can help by supplying even the most basic necessities. Most doctor's offices, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals have "obsolete" inventory that can be of use to other parts of the world. In those poor countries, doctors don't even have latex gloves to use while performing surgery. Whatever they have, they use over and over again without sterilization, only rinsing them out between uses. The same goes for other items. Please go to our Medical supplies list page for a complete list of needed items.