Community Development

Community development refers to equipping neighborhoods, villages, and districts so they can gain long-term self-sufficiency. This helps families build more secure and healthier lives, disaster preparedness is enhanced, making communities less vulnerable to natural disasters.

Projects - Micro Enterprise

Our Micro Enterprise philosophy

Comcare supports a variety of small business enterprises, agricultural initiatives, community developments, job training and adult education programs.

Rural entrepreneurs find it difficult to start up businesses. They are largely restricted to trades such as carpentry, shoe repair, sheet metal work, sawing, basket work, egg production, butcheries, and brewing. This is at a scale that seldom brings in more than a subsistence wage. Households therefore still largely depend on very misery incomes.

Projects - Health Care

Our Health Care philosophy

Africa's most powerful resource is her people. However, their progress is hampered by illness, diseases, malnutrition and poor living conditions. Comcare has made plans to involve local communities, right from inception of projects to try to build healthy productive relationships. This approach will go along way to try and improve Health services in poor communities.

The AIDS pandemic which has decimated millions in rural communities is the greatest threat to rural communities. It has orphaned millions of children as a whole generation of parents is wiped out. The impact caused by the pandemic is most serious and visible in communities where levels of education and health services are traditionally weakest.

Projects - Education

Our Education philosophy

Comcare realizes that building classrooms alone will not resolve the education crisis in poor communities. Therefore, Comcare aims to focus on much more than just providing relief for the desperate education conditions in poor communities. Comcare will facilitate training, personnel development and entrepreneurial thinking.

Children's Care

We have many needy children the world over and we must provide space in our hearts for them. We must contribute to the joy of these children who come to us with tears in their eyes.

Aid Distribution


The objective of Humanitarian Aid is to alleviate human suffering and need. By pulling together and mobilizing the wherewithal (resources, money, time and means), and by jointly forming partnerships, to share resources, we are able to leverage and optimize our efforts in supplying food , relief to the hungry, medical supplies to health centers, and institutions, clothing and nutritious meals to children's homes.

It is our responsibility to address the injustices and human tragedies suffered by people through and by attending to the spiritual, social, emotional, economic and physical needs of the poor, homeless and oppressed people.

Micro Credit / Micro Finance Programs


The purpose of the Micro-Credit and Micro-Finance programs is to enable extremely poor women in developing poor countries to break the chains of poverty. Credit facilities in form of small loans are extended to poor entrepreneurs (especially women), in groups of 10 - 25 popularly referred to as Union Banks. Union Bank members receive loans, basic training in money handling and a support structure (network), to help them help their families gain self-reliance and dignity.