Comcare Aid Project is a Relief and Development Organization whose objective is alleviating human injustice and suffering by offering total community care through education and training, community health and medical care, small and medium enterprise development for income generation, and sustainable agricultural assistance.

Comcare shares an unwavering commitment to relieve human suffering and poverty, refugee care, emergency relief and rehabilitation.

We are non-profit

Comcare is a non-profit relief and development organization whose objective is to relieve human suffering and injustice by offering total community care. The organization holds a 501(c)(3) status and is incorporated in the state of Michigan. Donor contributions to the organization are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law and the IRS.

We share no political affiliations

Comcare serves needy people of all types without regard to their political or religious affiliations. We take no position on political issues or politically based positions.

We are needs-sensitive and responsive

Comcare endeavors to respond in a timely manner, to crises in order save people. We prepare and facilitate quick responses to emergencies.

We are volunteer-supported

Comcare encourages volunteers to contribute by offering their services wherever needed on short-term basis and by anyway possible.

We are partnership-based

Comcare works and partners with other agencies to support our mission and facilitate distribution of Aid.

We are donor-supported and sustained

Comcare is supported and facilitated by the generous donations of individual partners, corporations, companies, institutions and churches. The trust and confidence of our donors are a vital resource. Comcare believes in the absolute necessity of character, integrity, honesty and a determination to do what is right. Comcare is committed to strict codes of financial accountability and high ethical standards.

We are Christian-based

Comcare upholds Christian values and is committed to demonstrate the love of God in the discharge of its responsibilities. Comcare in non-denominational.